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Honda Pilot Towing Capacity

2020 Honda Pilot Modern Steel

SUVs bring a lot to the table that make them an enticing prospect when you are trying to decide which type of vehicle will fit into your everyday life. With utility in its name, SUVs provide you with the spacious room you want for passengers and cargo, stability and handling to maneuver along any road or conditions, all while not sacrifice fuel efficiency.
On top of all that, some SUVs will allow you to take their utility to the next level with great towing capabilities to hitch your trailer, camper, or any other equipment you are taking on the roads of Centennial, Aurora, Denver, and beyond!

In this review, our team at Mile High Honda has specifically focused on the 2019 Honda Pilot towing capacity to further show you the impressive versatility of this vehicle.

Understanding Towing Capacity

Honda Pilot Towing Capacity

It is important to first grasp what towing capacity is and how it is represented. When you look at the spec sheet of a vehicle, you may come across a number associated to its towing capacity. Measured in pounds, that number will tell you how much weight you can tow safely with your vehicle.

Certain components of the car go into calculating what that number is like the frame of the car and the power that its specific engine produces.

Honda Pilot Engine Performance and Configuration

Since the amount you can tow is depending on the engine configuration in the vehicle, we wanted to quickly cover the engine found in the 2019 Pilot. The vehicle comes standard with a 3.5L 24-Vavle SOHC i-VTEC® V6 engine across all trim levels. This direct-injection engine produces a great amount of power with 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque.

It’s Variable Cylinder Management™ and Eco Assist™ System will both help save on fuel, while the also standard Hill Start Assist will be helpful when you are going from a stop to moving again with or without something hitched to the back of the car.

The Pilot comes standard with a 2WD system in all trim levels expect the Elite. The Intelligent Variable Torque Management™ AWD System, available in all trims and standard in the Elite, delivers the torque straight to the axles and wheels that need it when the present situation calls for the extra traction.

2019 Honda Pilot Towing Capacity

Honda Pilot Towing Denver COWhen you add the available accessory towing kit, your towing capacity in the Honda Pilot will vary based on the drivetrain you select for you car.

With the 2WD system, the Pilot will get up to 3,500 pounds of towing. If you get a 2019 Pilot with the AWD, you can gain a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

See and Feel the Powerful Performance of the Honda Pilot

The 2019 Honda Pilot towing capacity is just one aspect proving that the capabilities of this vehicle are exactly what you’d like to find within an SUV. Its engine packs the power needed to handle the variety of tasks you’ll have to complete while towing.

Get in touch with our sales team at Mile High Honda and learn more about all its features! Then get inside the 2019 Honda Pilot and take it for a test drive to truly see why it is the perfect vehicle to commute around Centennial, Aurora, and Denver!

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