Check Engine Light


Check Engine Light Diagnosis

When your Honda check engine line comes on, it's not uncommon to feel panicked. Does it mean you're in for an expensive fix? Is your car doomed? The first thing you should do is relax, as check engine lights usually just indicate small service needs when they first come on. However, it is important to get a check engine light diagnosis done by a reliable Honda team as soon as possible, or you could wind up facing much more serious issues down the line.


What Does a Check Engine Light Mean?

Located on your dashboard just behind your steering wheel, your check engine light only comes on if something needs to be addressed. Your check engine light could mean something as trivial and easily fixable as a loose gas cap or spark plugs that need to be replaced to something more serious like engine failure or transmission issues.

What You Should Do When Your Honda Check Engine Light Comes On


While you don't need to pull your car over immediately and call for a tow, you do need to get that indicator light checked out soon. When you can stop somewhere safely, the first thing you should do is check the gas cap and make sure it is there and properly tightened. If it is, check the dashboard again for any other indicators that could be problematic, like low oil pressure or expired oil life (found in your maintenance minder area). Regardless, you should make an appointment to get a check engine light diagnosis as soon as possible.

Where to Get a Honda Check Engine Light Diagnosis in Denver


Your check engine light should not be neglected, and therefore, it shouldn't be checked out by just anyone. There are a few key benefits to getting your Honda check engine light addressed at an actual certified Honda mechanic. First, they are extremely experienced with your specific make and model. Second, they will often have all the parts they need to properly address any issues with your vehicle, meaning your wait time will be considerably less. Third, a Honda check engine light diagnosis is considered more routine at an actual Honda mechanic, making it often a lot more affordable. Contact Mile High Honda to get an efficient and reliable check engine light diagnosis in Denver.




What if My Check Engine Light Diagnosis is Serious?

A check engine light that means something serious? It's an unwelcome situation, but it happens. Your Honda mechanic will carefully assess the situation and determine your maintenance options. In some cases, it will be best to leave your vehicle with the mechanic right then and there for service, as you may not want to continue driving until the issue is fixed. In other cases, you may want to assess whether the fix is worth it, or if you should invest instead in a new vehicle. In any case, these more drastic scenarios are more common when check engine lights have gone ignored for long periods of time. That's why you should get your check engine light diagnosis in Denver promptly. If you notice the light is on, give us a call at Mile High Honda today to schedule your service.


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