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Become One with Nature Thanks to Yoga at the Gardens

After you’ve lived around Denver for a while, you might start to forget just how lucky we are to call this slice of Colorado home. The vistas are unparalleled, and nature abounds. It’s the kind of thing that’s easy to take for granted.

If you can agree, maybe it’s time to tune back into nature? Weekly yoga classes at the Denver Botanic Gardens will help you do just that.

Your Yoga Paradise Isn’t Too Far Away

There are so many types of yoga to practice, but vinyasa is regularly considered to be one of the most helpful for stress relief and mental balance. It marries flowing movements and tricky postures with constant conscientious breathing. By the end of your session, it should leave you feeling calmer than you’ve been all day.

We think the results are really kicked up a notch (or two) when you’re practicing vinyasa in a beautiful and lush outdoor atmosphere. That’s exactly what you’ll have access to with evening vinyasa yoga classes at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

All levels of participants are welcome to join instructor Blake Burger weekly for class. Each session is held at 6pm on Wednesday night for just $10 ($12 if you’re not a Denver Botanic Garden member). You can even join as a walk-in if you decide on the fly!

Visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens on York Street are comprised of 24 acres of flora. The garden, as a matter of fact, has curated a collection of plants from all over the world, showcasing just how beautiful diversity can be.

In addition to simply viewing the flowers and pools, York Street also features a special children’s garden made for hands-on play and learning, as well as a science pyramid for kids and adults alike.

Be sure to take a stroll through the garden after your yoga class. You never know what kind of plants you might find.

It’s Not Quite Eden but It’s Close…

From the serene views to its many educational and fun events, the Denver Botanic Gardens is a great destination for anyone looking to unwind. Visit one of the garden’s Wednesday vinyasa yoga classes, and relaxation is almost certainly in your future!

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