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When to Change Your Oil Filter

When to Change Your Oil Filter Denver CO

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Drivers in the Centennial, Aurora, and Denver area know that plenty of clean oil allows your vehicle to perform its best. Along with frequent oil changes, a big factor in keeping your engine in tip-top shape is the oil filter. However, over time, this needs to be changed too.

To find out when to change your oil filter, as well as much more about this critical under-the-hood component, keep on reading this guide created by Mile High Honda.

The Importance of Oil Filters

Oil Filter Changes near Denver CO The oil filter in your vehicle acts the same as many filters do – it removes dirt, grime, and other icky things from your oil. This prevents your engine from becoming contaminated, which can cause it to function improperly and wear down, costing you pricey fixes down the line.

Just like the Brita Filter in your fridge does for you, this ensures your engine is only taking in the cleanest liquid. But, like most things in life, it does wear down after time, meaning a change is needed.

When to Change Your Oil Filter

Though every vehicle is different, changing your oil filter every 3,000 miles is recommended to keep your engine running smoothly. Since oil filters are pretty inexpensive, a good way to remember this is to change it out every time you schedule an oil change. This will prevent possible damage under your hood and keep your car healthy.

But sometimes, your oil filter can be forgotten. When this happens, your vehicle will let you know by shooting you warning signs as you drive the road.

Signs You Need to Change Your Oil Filter

Change Your Oil Filter Denver COPoor Performance – If your vehicle is driving weirdly or you’re not getting as much power as you usually do, it might be because your oil filter needs to be changed. Dirty oil in your engine causes it to run inefficiency, so your gas mileage might suffer, as well.

Weird Sounds – if you’re hearing metallic sounds coming from under the hood, it’s more than likely because your oil filter is full and need replacing. Lack of oil caused by a full filter can cause gears to rub together, making those annoying sounds no one wants to hear.

Check Oil Light is On – When your oil filter is not performing as it should, this sends a message to your vehicle’s assessment system. It will then tell you something is wrong by illuminating your check oil light on the dashboard. When you see this light, schedule an appointment right away with your authorized dealer.

Dirty Exhaust Smoke – Your oil filter can also become clogged while it’s doing its job. This results in darker smoke coming out of your vehicle. You may also smell oil burning, as well. This is a clear sign that you need to change your oil filter right away to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Change Your Oil Filter in Centennial, Aurora, & Denver

At Mile High Honda, we can make sure your vehicle is running smoothly by replacing your oil filter quickly and professionally. Our certified mechanics can check the state and level of your oil, as well, so your ride will be smooth and efficient.

Make an appointment today by using our online scheduling tool or by reaching out to our service department. See you soon!

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