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Vehicle Comparisons:
2018 Honda Pilot vs. Toyota 4Runner

2018 Honda Pilot

The 2018 Honda Pilot and 2018 Toyota 4Runner are modern looking, highly capable crossovers that appeal to a variety of drivers. Many crossover shoppers throughout Denver, Centennial and Aurora are interested in learning more about each vehicle, so Mile High Honda decided to take a closer look at their performance and features in the following comparison.

Learn about the interior, safety features, and performance of the 2018 Honda Pilot vs. Toyota 4Runner before scheduling a test drive.


2018 Honda PilotEvery SUV needs plenty of power, and neither of these models disappoint. Under the hood of the base level Pilot, you’ll find a powerful 3.5-liter i-VTEC V6 engine that offers 280 horsepower. The 4Runner’s 4-liter V6 seems like it should offer more, but it maxes out at 270 horsepower, just short of what the Pilot can offer.

More horsepower typically means less fuel efficiency, but the Pilot contradicts that expectation. With an EPA-estimated 19 mpg city and 27 mpg highway, the Pilot is one of the most efficient SUVs available. The 4Runner is plenty efficient in its own right, but its EPA-estimated 17 mpg city and 21 mpg highway simply fall short.


The major difference inside these vehicles is seating capacity. While the 4Runner can hold seven passengers comfortably at best, the base level Pilot already comes with room for eight. That trend continues when you examine the quality of seating available in each. The 4Runner has pretty impressive features available for the front seats, including heated seats and a tailored instrumentation panel, but the Pilot offers all that and more.

When you have to fill up the third row seats in the Pilot, getting passengers in is easier than ever. The one-touch 2nd row seats move forward with a simple touch of a button. For added comfort, your second row passengers can enjoy high-quality captain’s chairs, a feature that’s typically reserved just for the front.


2018 Honda Pilot interiorWhether you’re planning on using your SUV as a personal cruiser or a vehicle for the whole family, safety should always be your primary concern. There’s no better way to measure safety than with crash tests, which is the job of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. After numerous tests, the Pilot earned a full five stars overall, while the 4Runner earned just four.

The primary reason the 4Runner fell short was rollover rating. When you’re driving an SUV, you’ll always have an increased rollover rating compared to a sedan no matter what, which is why no SUV ever earns more than four stars in that category. The 4Runner, however, earned just three, while the Pilot earned the full four.

Check Out the 2018 Honda Pilot at Mile High Honda

As demonstrated by our 2018 Honda Pilot vs. Toyota 4Runner comparison, the 2018 Toyota 4Runner is a well-rounded, reliable crossover SUV. However, we think the 2018 Honda Pilot is a better option, with its available safety features, spacious 8-passenger seating and efficient fuel economy.

Test drive a 2018 Honda Pilot at Mile High Honda to decide if this is the right crossover for you. We proudly serve drivers throughout Denver, Centennial and Aurora.


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