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Vehicle Comparisons

2016 Honda Pilot vs. Acura MDX

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With three rows of seating, large cargo holds, and efficient powertrains, midsize SUVs are the perfect family movers. The 2016 Honda Pilot and the 2016 Acura MDX are two models that pack in smart equipment and features to help you get more out of your daily travel.

Denver, Centennial, and Aurora area SUV seekers will be interested in seeing which of these midsize movers would work best in toting their crew. Keep reading to find out!

2016 honda pilot

Parallel Performance

Nearly identical 3.5-liter V6 engines that produce just below 300 horsepower, which is plenty of verve to get you up to speed in city or highway travel, power both the 2016 Honda Pilot and the 2016 Acura MDX. The Pilot and the MDX each come standard with front-wheel drive, with all-wheel drive optional.

The 2016 Pilot’s new suspension better pairs to its platform to provide a supple ride that diminishes road flaws but stays firm and controlled coming into curves. The 2016 MDX’s made-over suspension makes its drive quality a bit more rigid. In comparison to the Pilot, the Acura MDX’s ride and handling mix is less in tune to driver input and responding to the road at hand.

Lavish Interiors

Slipping into the driver’s seat of the Pilot or the MDX is accompanied by a sense of luxury. The Acura MDX reigns in the luxury midsize SUV category, so this is pretty much expected. What’s more impressive is the Honda Pilot’s ability to rise above its class to deliver an upmarket, luxe interior with its non-premium price tag.

We’ll give the tech category to the MDX, as it offers a couple more standards in the way of media. But we’re fairly certain that the majority of drivers could happily live without standard tri-zone auto climate control on the base model. The 2016 Pilot’s fundamentals are up-to-date and still abundant (push-button start, Bluetooth connection, USB port, multi-angle rearview camera, etc).

The 2016 Honda Pilot’s seats have been applauded for their space smarts, particularly when it comes to third-row legroom. While third-row accessibility in the Acura MDX was well-thought out, there’s not a whole lot of incentive to squeeze back there aside from the relief you feel when it’s time to get out. Plus, even though each of these midsizes are outfitted with three rows to get cozy, the MDX allots seating for seven, while Pilot clans have room for an extra passenger on board.

The Pilot tops the MDX when it comes to available cargo room, too: 16.5 cubic feet to 15.8 cubic feet behind the rear row and 46.8 cubic feet to 45.1 cubic feet behind the middle row. Whether you’re packing up to hike a Denver peak or loading up a mountain of groceries, an extra cubic foot or two can make a world of difference. The 2016 Pilot also rewards riders with a hidden storage compartment below the cargo floor that’s perfect for stowing a laptop, purse, or briefcase out of view.

Midsize Safety Champs

Each awarded top scores from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Honda Pilot and the Acura MDX are total safety all stars. Both models are smartly equipped with advanced multi-stage airbags, auto-tension seat belts, vehicle stability assistance, and tire pressure monitoring systems.

The Pilot’s advanced tire pressure monitoring system comes with Tire Fill Assist notification and location indicators to further ensure that your tires are always at the right pressure. The 2016 Pilot additionally offers Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning, systems that aren’t available on the 2016 Acura MDX.

Plotting Your Next Move

Choosing between these two versatile, premium-level models depends on what you seek in an SUV. The new 2016 Honda Pilot offers a first-rate interior and extra seat, smoother handling, and more available safety. Actually, that wasn’t so hard after all.

Denver, Centennial, and Aurora area shoppers can schedule a test drive of the 2016 Honda Pilot with Mile High Honda at 2777 South Havana Street today!

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