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Urban Peak

Urban Peak Denver CO

Founded in 1988, Urban Peak has spent decades working to keep the young people of Denver, CO, safe. Offering overnight shelter, housing, jobs, education, and more to young people who need support while they work to exit homelessness, they are an essential pillar of our community.


Urban Peak History Denver COUrban Peak is a non-profit organization serving young people experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless in the Denver area. With the goal of helping young people between the ages of 15 and 24 become self-sufficient and get off the streets, Urban Peak offers a number of programs to combat homelessness.

Welcoming young people of all backgrounds is just the beginning of their dedication to inclusion. Their work is built on the principles of trauma-informed care. This means they understand how an individual’s experience of trauma impacts every aspect of their life, from physical, mental, and behavioral to social, intellectual, and spiritual.

One way you’ll see these ideas in action is in their five essential services. They offer an overnight shelter, a daytime Drop-In Center, Street Outreach, Education and Employment Programming, and Supportive Housing for these young people to ensure they have the support they need reach their potential.

Overnight Shelter

Urban Peak Overnight Shelter Denver COAs one of their primary services, the Overnight Shelter is an integral way Urban Peak takes care of youth experiencing homelessness. Their shelter has 40 beds for young people ages 15 to 20 to stay overnight and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Aside from being a safe place for to rest, the shelter offers three meals a day and numerous group activities, such as hiking and art, to help foster a sense of community.

Additionally, Urban Peak is staffed by a supportive team that works directly with the people staying in the shelter to help them identify their strengths and create a service plan based on their individual needs. They even offer family mediation services and help in finding housing. Plus, they have a medical clinic three half-days a week for vaccinations, testing for HIV and pregnancy, and specific health screenings.

Other Services

The other services offered are just as important as getting these young people off the streets. At the Drop-in Center, youths have a safe place to go for basic needs.

Urban Peak Help Denver COThis program provides a temporary respite from the elements, with a hot breakfast served on weekdays. There are lockers for young visitors to keep their possessions safe, showers and laundry services to get cleaned up, and even first aid supplies to take care of injuries.

The Drop-In Center also has Outreach staff available to offer a friendly ear, guidance, and support. In addition, they offer classes teaching important life skills; this allows the youth to gain knowledge about finances, sex education, and more.

For young people looking to expand their education or start a career, Urban Peak also offers one-on-one tutoring, classes, and other assistance. Whether they want to rejoin high school, earn their GED, or enroll in college, this team will help them get the education and resources they need. There are even classes to help young people find and maintain a job.

Learn More About Urban Peak

When it comes to Urban Peak’s work to help homeless youths in Denver, this is only the tip of the iceberg. From housing assistance and outreach to job training and the supplies available at Peak Thrift Store, the work they are doing is essential and influential. Check out their Facebook page to learn more about Urban Peak and the work they do for our community.
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