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Top 5 Tips for Buying a Used Car

Used Car Purchase

With online car profiles and inventories always ready to view, the used car buying process is far different from what it used to be. While these advancements can definitely work in your favor, they can also prove to be a challenge.

Denver, Centennial, and Aurora area used car shoppers should keep the following tips in mind as they start their search for a used car.

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Used Car Buying Tip #1: Set a Realistic Budget

Used Car DealershipProbably one of the biggest reasons you’re contemplating buying a used car revolves around budget, so it’s important that you set one that’s going to work with your current and future finances.

As a good rule of thumb, the budget you allocate for payments shouldn’t exceed 20% of your monthly pay after taxes. This ensures that you’re not compromising your other monthly expenses when it comes time to pay off the vehicle. Once you have your budget set, you’re ready to start your search.

Used Car Buying Tip #2: Build Your Car Wish List

Building your car wish list is largely up to your personal needs for a vehicle. It’s easiest to start high level by finding the segment or category that you think you’re interested in. For example, if you’re seeking a vehicle with high gas mileage for your long commute, a compact or midsize sedan may be a good place to start. Read vehicle reviews and comparisons to help whittle your list down to just a few models.

If you’re interested in models from multiple brands or you know the type of car you’re after but aren’t sure which make you’d like, it can be helpful to visit a dealership with a used car inventory that has a variety of makes and models to get a closer look.

Used Car Buying Tip #3: Locate a Model You’re Interested In

Several reputable used car sites can help you to navigate the realm of dealership inventories as well as vehicles that are up for sale by private sellers. Check out the used inventory search page at Edmunds.com or Cars.com. These sites often include reviews and ratings from other customers, which can certainly help you make your decision.

Used Car Buying Tip #4: Evaluate the Car’s Vehicle History Report

Car Lot

The used car you’re seeking should come with a detailed vehicle history report that lists vital information alongside the vehicle identification number (VIN). A vehicle history report includes the car’s odometer reading, number of previous owners, inspection history, and summary of its past accidents or major vehicle repairs. It stands to give you an accurate reading of the car’s condition and value.

When evaluating the report, take special note of the car model’s year and recorded mileage. Recent-year models that were new in the last 10 years or fewer are your best bet, older cars tend to be cheaper, but they may also require more money in the long run and less value should you try to resell.

How many miles the car has been driven is also an important category to consider when evaluating how many more potential miles it may have left. Cars that have mileage over 100,000 miles aren’t as worthy of an investment.

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Used Car Buying Tip #5: Why Not Consider Certified Pre-Owned?

Some dealerships offer a certified pre-owned program composed of recent-year, low-mileage vehicles that are tested, repaired, and reconditioned to run like new for a new owner. These models are often accompanied by a reinstated warranty as well, giving shoppers added confidence in their purchase decision.

At Mile High Honda, Denver, Centennial, and Aurora area used car shoppers view comprehensive vehicle history reports for each inventory listing online, compare between various vehicle makes, and check out certified pre-owned Hondas, all under one roof! Start your used car search by perusing our inventory and connecting with us today!

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