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Chill Out with These 3 Aurora CO Beer Bars

At the end of a long day, few things can make all the tension melt away quite as effectively as an ice-cold beer. As soon as those effervescent suds hit your tongue, all worries start to disappear.

Here in Aurora, CO, we have some excellent breweries and tap houses. However, these three really seem to stand out from the pack.

Dry Dock Brewing | Connect on Facebook

Chill Out with These 3 Aurora CO Beer BarsThe dry dock is a time when a ship returns to port, so it can be refurbished, enhanced, and made better than ever before.

Returning to the mash tun with a new grain bill and a new stash of hops can be a lot like that. Dry Dock Brewing can attest to that.

Well-known for beers such as the Sour Apricot and the Hop Abomination IPA, they’re always working to make their recipes better and better. Why not stop into the brewhouse soon to see for yourself?

Launch Pad Brewery | Connect on Facebook

The micro-brewery seems to be quite the fad these days. Still, for every one of those, you’ll likely find two nano-breweries to match, whether you know it or not.

The owners of Launch Pad Brewery, Dave and Erin, started brewing out of their garage years ago. While it wasn’t the biggest set up, it did leave room for friends to come and go, joining the process often.

Chill Out with These 3 Aurora CO Beer Bars

They’ve grown a bit since then, moving to a public location, but that open and homey atmosphere is still a Launch Pad touchstone.

Peak to Peak Tap & Brew | Connect on Facebook

Unlike the other spots on this list, Peak to Peak Tap & Brew isn’t just a brewery. Do they have several of their own beers on tap, including The Girl with the Hop Tattoo IPA and the Last Petal Saison? Certainly! They also feature other local brews, ciders, and wines, too.

Peak to Peak features a pretty robust food menu, too. Whether you’re just looking for something to snack on or for a full dinner and dessert, they’ve got what you need.

Relaxation is A-Brewin’

Whether you consider yourself a full-blown beer snob or you just have a taste for hops, there’s a place for you at these three Aurora, CO, beer bars. Why not swing by on your way home from work sometime soon? An ice-cold beer is waiting!

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