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Local Spotlight: Slow Food Denver

Slow Food Denver Co

Do you know the name of the farmer who grew your food? Or what went into getting it from the ground to your table?

For many Americans, the answer to these questions is “no.” Slow Food Denver is trying to change that. The group provides diverse programs to help community members learn how their food is produced on top of promoting environmentally friendly food production.

Slow Food Denver, headquartered on Larimer Street, is a local chapter of the national movement known as Slow Food USA. Read on to learn more about the group’s programs as part of this month’s Local Spotlight.


Fun Food Production near Denver CO Seed-to-table is a school garden program that works with over 50 area schools. It helps students get up close and personal with the plants that grow their fruits and vegetables. Not only do the students get to learn where their food comes from, but they also reap the benefits of their gardens.

This is done by using the food in cooking classes, adding it to school cafeteria options, and even selling it at farm stands. This way, students get to see how slow food can help build a community. Plus, when kids have this connection with their food, they’re much more likely to make healthier decisions down the line.

Community Table

Community Table at Slow Food DenverSlow Food Denver also provides programs to the local community under its Community Table umbrella. This outreach and community building takes many forms. For example:

  • Celebrate Local events allow attendees to learn about local food producers while raising money for Slow Food Denver programs
  • Dine-Arounds help people experience local food and social connections, nourishing both body and soul
  • DIY Book Club encourages people to discuss issues surrounding food production
  • Preserve the Harvest teaches attendees how to preserve their seasonal bounty for winter enjoyment which helps to reduce food waste

Each spoke of the wheel is centered on an effort to build communities and protect the environment by making meaningful food choices.

Help Build the Slow Food Movement

Want to get involved with Slow Food Denver or attend one of its upcoming events? Be sure to follow the movement on Facebook for the most up-to-date information.

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