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5 Signs You Need Your Brakes Replaced

Brakes may not be the most exciting part of a car, but they can make the difference between a short stop and a serious collision in Denver, Centennial, or Aurora. Regardless of how many miles are on your car, your brakes should be in prime working condition whenever you get behind the wheel. Keep reading this post from Mile High Honda to learn about the five signs that indicate you need your brakes replaced.

1. Squeaking, Squealing, or Chirping Brakes.

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Brakes that make a high-pitched squealing sound after hitting the pedal may need to be replaced. This loud, grating noise occurs when your brake pads are worn down. Brake pads prevent metal from the brake rotors and calipers from rubbing together, which causes the grinding noise.

If you go too long without visiting a mechanic, this friction will cause your brake system to corrode and overheat. Make a service appointment to have your brakes replaced.

2. Your Brake Light Turns On.

Every car comes with a set of dashboard lights that communicate information to the driver. One of these is a brake light. If your brake light appears, your brake system may need to be replaced.

However, the brake light on your vehicle could appear for several reasons. Have a technician you trust look at your brake system to determine the problem.

3. The Vehicle Pulls Side to Side While Driving.

brakesA car could pull side to side due to a collapsed brake hose, uneven brake pads, or a stuck brake caliper. In some cases, this pulling is simply caused by poor alignment. Either way, you should have a mechanic look at your vehicle to see if the brakes need to be replaced.

4. Your Brake Pedal Vibrates.

If a vehicle’s anti-lock brakes are activated during a short stop, the pedal will pulsate until you reach a standstill. However, if this happens during normal circumstances, you may need to replace your brakes.

The brake pedal could be vibrating due to a warped brake rotor. This can happen if your brakes are under stress from hauling heavy loads or driving on mountainous roads. Regardless of the reason, your brakes need to be fixed.

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5. Stopping Time Increases.

Brakes that are worn down will take more time to reach a complete stop. While driving at high speeds, this can be extremely dangerous, especially since a car traveling faster than 60 mph goes the length of a football field before coming to a standstill. If it takes longer than normal for your vehicle to reach a full stop, have a mechanic inspect your brakes.

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Brake Service and Repair at Mile High Honda

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms while driving, Mile High Honda can fix your brakes for you. The certified technicians at Mile High Honda are here to inspect and repair your brakes as needed, and are committed to getting your vehicle back on the road as fast as they can.

Schedule your brake repair with Mile High Honda online, or call our service department. Mile High Honda proudly serves drivers in Denver, Centennial, Aurora, and beyond.


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