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Signs of a Slipping Transmission

If you drive a car with an automatic transmission, there are some things you should watch for. One of those is the health of your transmission. What are some signs of a slipping transmission? Do you feel it slipping or suspect it is but you’re not sure? Mile High Honda is proud to serve customers in Centennial, Aurora, and Denver, and we’re passionate about car maintenance and repair.

We know the signs of a slipping transmission, the most common transmission issues, and we know how to get your vehicle in tip-top shape and back on the road! We hope this guide will help to reassure you that your car is fixable.

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Gear Changes

Signs of a Slipping TransmissionIf your car’s transmission is slipping, it might feel like when your car suddenly changes gears. Sometimes it may feel as though it is stuck in a certain gear for a long time, even after changing it. Additionally, it might even seem as though your gear changes suddenly with the slightest touch. If your transmission shifts unpredictably while driving, you should always pull your car over and call for help.

Rough Shifting

Another indicator of a slipping transmission is if it shifts roughly. When you manually shift gears, you might need to press down or switch your gears with more force just to get it into the next gear. Another warning sign is the sound of a clunk or other loud noises during this process. Lastly, with transmissions in especially rough shape, the shift may actually stick.

Leaky Transmission

Picture this: you’re leaving for work one day and notice a small puddle underneath your vehicle. This is not something you should ignore or otherwise overlook. Transmission fluid is a bright red and smells sickly sweet or slightly sour. For this reason, it is quite recognizable. It does not burn like motor oil, so you should keep an eye on your check engine light after sighting a puddle, too. Transmission fluid leaks can be a real problem.

These leaks may happen for a number of reasons. Most commonly, transmission pans, worn axles and gaskets, and transmission mounts may be damaged or cracked in some way. Sometimes a leak will follow a recently replaced part. In that case, never hesitate to bring your car to your dealership for an adjustment.

Strange Odors

Following on to the normal odor of transmission fluid, you might instead notice the smell of something burning while driving. This odor may mean that your transmission is in need of fluid. Bring your car in for a fluid adjustment or refill right away.

Sensor Alerts

If your “check engine” light comes on, take note of it. It is the best indicator of a new or ongoing transmission problem. If you suspect your sensor is malfunctioning because it does not alert when it should or alerts constantly, bring your car in for servicing.

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If you are noticing signs of a slipping transmission, need other car servicing or repair, or have questions, please contact Mile High Honda today. We look forward to helping you with all of your service needs!

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