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6 Cylinder Timing Belt Special


Save on a 6 cylinder timing belt service.
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If Your Honda Needs Timing Belt Replacement Service, Visit Mile High Honda in Denver, CO

Even if you know very little about timing belts, chances are you know that it’s crucial to have it replaced at the recommended intervals failing to do so can lead to huge trouble. This is absolutely true, but what does a timing belt do? Does your Honda even have one? Learn more about timing belt replacement service on this page, and then come to the Mile High Honda service center, serving Littleton and Aurora, CO.


Does My Honda Have a Timing Belt?

Many modern Honda models are equipped with timing chains instead of timing belts. Unlike timing belts, timing chains don’t need to be replaced regularly. The time at which different models got timing chains differs, and it can even be different based on which engine your vehicle has. For example, Honda Accord models with four-cylinder engines got timing chains starting in the 2003 model year, but Honda Accord models with V6 engines still had timing belts until the 2018 model year. Your Honda model’s owner’s manual will let you know whether your model has a timing belt or a timing chain.

The Timing Belts Purpose

Your Honda’s engine is a finely tuned machine. Intake valves open into its combustion chambers, letting in a precise measure of gas and air. The intake valves close and a piston moves upward in the cylinder. The spark plug then ignites the fuel and air mixture, pushing the cylinder back down. Finally, the exhaust valve opens and lets out the exhaust from combustion. This can happen thousands of times per minute, and the timing belt is what ensures that the valves and pistons all move at the right time by synchronizing the crankshaft with the camshaft or camshafts.

What Happens if the Timing Belt Breaks?

Many older engines were called freewheeling engines or non-interference engines. This means that the piston never shared space with the valves. If the timing belt on an interference engine breaks, the vehicle will simply stop running. However, most modern engines are interference engines. This means that the fully extended piston will occupy the space that the valves would open into. The timing belt ensures that they’re never in the same place at the same time. However, if the timing belt breaks, the piston will strike the open valves, causing an incredible amount of damage. In most cases, it’s easier and cheaper to simply replace the engine rather than trying to repair this damage.

Schedule Your Timing Belt Replacement Service at Mile High Honda, Serving Englewood and Centennial, CO

When your Honda needs its timing belt replaced, don’t delay! Schedule your appointment online, and then come visit us at Mile High Honda.

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