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Serene Fishing Spots near Aurora CO

Fishing Spots near Aurora COIf you often dream about hauling in a feisty large fish amidst the backdrop of a lovely forest landscape, then you should cast your line at these serene fishing spots near Aurora, CO. The seclusion of these spots makes for a fun relaxing experience. Plus, the aggressive fish mean you’ll be in for some heated battles.

Below, we’ll be detailing three primetime spots to catch the big one. So, you better make sure you have your tackle box ready to go!

Bear Creek Lake Park

Fishing Spots near Aurora COThere’s plenty to keep you and your family entertained at Bear Creek Lake Park like camping, hiking, and, of course, fishing.

This thriving ecosystem is home to numerous species, and the scenery during spring and fall is just breath-taking. The fish are quite aggressive as well, equally interested in surface lures or deep-water bait.

If you think the Bear Creek Lake Park is for you, get to know a little more about it by visiting their Facebook page!

Cherry Creek

Fishing Spots near Aurora COCherry Creek has become a prominent part of local folklore as many fishermen have their own tales of reeling in big hauls at various parts of the year. Much of this has to do with the booming ecosystem that calls the lake home. As you fish, you’ll see majestic birds gliding overhead and mischievous beavers looking for the ideal stick to patch up their dam. As darkness approaches, you’ll be introduced to a sky filled with glistening stars and, if you’re lucky, the occasional comet.

The Cherry Creek State Park has an active Facebook page where you can learn even more about the entire site!

Fishing Aurora Reserve

Fishing Spots near Aurora COThe spacious lake at the Fishing Aurora Reserve is filled with a wide range of species and offers plenty of secluded hideaways where you can sit and wait for a strike.

The most prominent fish in the lake include Trout, Walleye, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Wiper, Crappie, Yellow Perch, and Channel and Blue Catfish. You’ll also observe various birds and mammals while you drift comfortably along the water.

You can see pictures of the surrounding landscape by checking out the Fishing Aurora Reserve Facebook page!

Cast Your Line at These Ideal Fishing Spots near Aurora CO

The thrill of hauling in a big fish is tough to describe in words. If you’re eager to experience this feeling once again or for the first time, then stop by these ideal fishing spots today!

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