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Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

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If your car-buying search has you zoned-in on a particular used car, you are probably wondering how its previous owner treated the car. But how do you go about learning the car’s history? An easy way to get the information you need, to be confident that the car you want to acquire is in great shape, is to come prepared with the right questions to ask when buying a used car.

Below, you’ll see some important questions you’ll want to get the answers to before finalizing the purchase. With plenty of used cars on our lot for sale, our team at Mile High Honda has an eye for knowing what our customers look for when determining the right car for buying. Drivers in Centennial, Aurora, and Denver can be assured we will have the answers to these and any other questions they have!

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What Is the Condition of the Vehicle? 

Used Car ChecklistFinding out the specs and other information like the mileage and age of the car is a good start. But that won’t tell you the whole story.

Asking about the condition of both the exterior and interior of the car will make you aware of any blemishes it may have. Learning about its performance and what kind of shape the engine is in, as well as the functionality of the technology and other luxuries inside, will help your decision-making process. And make sure to stop in to see and judge the condition for yourself!

Can I See the Service Records?

A useful measure, to see how the car was treated throughout its existence, is to thoroughly review its service records. These records will list all the maintenance and repairs the vehicle underwent.

A good sign to look for is that the car got the appropriate routine maintenance at the proper time intervals. This shows you that the previous owner took good care of the car, and that it should continue to drive as designed.

Was the Car Involved in an Accident? 

Honda CR-V Side View

Accidents can account for minor to more serious damage to a car. And in order to be preventive and proactive, to make sure any previous accidents the car was involved in don’t surprise you in the future, you first must know what happened.

This is also a good time to ask for the CARFAX Vehicle History Report™. This report will list any accidents the car was in, highlight any recalls, and outline the service history.

Can I Take It Out for a Test Drive? 

After the search ends and the questions you asked about the used car have been satisfactorily answered, you think you may be ready to take the final steps. Now comes the crucial part of sitting in the seat and actually feeling what it’s like to drive the car. You’ll be able to take notice of any other nuances within the car and determine if it’s truly right for you.

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We Can Answer the Questions You Want to Ask When Buying a Used Car

At Mile High Honda, we are ready to answer any questions you may have about a specific used car we have on our lot. So, we invite drivers in Centennial, Aurora, and Denver to be sure to stop in, chat with our knowledgeable staff, and take the car you have your heart set on out for a test drive!

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