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Mile High Honda is proud to be theDenverregion's #1 Honda oil change service provider. Our mission is to not only provide Denver Honda enthusiasts with the oil change service explicitly designed for their vehicle but to extend unprecedentedservice value. We use a proven recipe to provide the highest quality service in Denver - rely on the highest quality resources. Every oil change service that we complete at Mile High Honda includes an expert service technician with extensive training and hands-on experience, and we only install Honda-approved motor oil and oil filters.


Oil Change Service Overview

Every oil change service boasts an expert technician, Honda-approved oil recommended for your specific model, and a genuine OEM Honda oil filter. The expert technician drains the old oil, removes the old oil filter, and installs fresh Honda-approved engine oil and oil filter according to factory specifications. Here are the three Honda oil change types:



This is the traditional motor oil also referred to as "Regular", "Traditional" or "Standard" oil has been the go-to for years. Although this oil has improved over the years, it requires a considerable amount of refinement to ensure it meets regulatory standards. It is the most natural oil type in terms of being closest to crude oil, which limits its performance versus synthetics that are entirely man-made. 


This is at the middle ground between conventional and full-synthetic, semi-synthetic is also called Synthetic Blend because it is considered a mixture between Full-Synthetic and Conventional in terms of production. Semi-Synthetic resists thermal breakdown better than conventional but does not perform as well as Full-Synthetic.


Completely fabricated in a lab, full-synthetic oil is man-made and contains no crude oil as a raw production material. It performs better as a lubricant and resists sludge formation for longer. It comes with a slightly higher price, but the little increased cost is negligible for many older-model Honda owners seeking additional engine-protecting value out of their motor oil. 

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We are prepared to provide every Honda Oil Change type but will only install the oil type recommended specifically by Honda for your model. When your Honda car, truck, van, or SUV is due for its next oil change service, we invite you to Mile High Honda for a world-class oil change service. The Mile High Honda Service Department is conveniently located in Denver near Aurora, Centennial, Englewood, and Littleton, CO.