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New vs Used Cars: Which Is Best for Your Lifestyle?

Used Car Dealer

As you begin your car buying journey in the Denver, Aurora, and Centennial areas, there’s one big question you’ll have to ask: Should you buy new or used? Knowing the differences between these two options can make finding the answer much easier.

Our team at Mile High Honda has put together this article specifically for this purpose. After reading this, coming to a decision should be much easier.

Your Trade-in Checklist

All About Buying Used

Used Honda Fit Mile High One of the best things about used cars is that they’re typically less expensive. However, you should still shop around online beforehand so you know what to expect. After all, the car buying experience is bound to feel much better for you if there’s a sense of trust between you and the dealer.

Do you know why used cars are less expensive than those that come right off the assembly line? They’ve already undergone depreciation. You’re also missing out on certain fees like sales tax and registration. Nevertheless, if the car still has a warranty left over, you’ll most certainly get to benefit from it. What a deal!

Granted, it can’t all be good news. Despite these pros, the car was still owned by someone else at one time. And regardless of vehicle history reports, you can’t know for certain how they treated it. When you’re settling for a vehicle “as is,” this could lead to easier wear somewhere down the road. Nevertheless, if you show the car a little extra TLC, it ought to last as long as something new.

How Does Buying New Differ?

Want to know the best part about your new car? Well, just that. It’s all yours. And since you got to pick out the color, trims, and gadgets, it really is tailored to your tastes and lifestyle. That’s a pretty good feeling.

New Honda Accord

The second best thing about your new car is the peace of mind. Part of what you’re paying for is a comprehensive warranty, which is a great way to keep your vehicle in immaculate shape. In the end, that’ll make it easier to trade in for your next new car.

Of course, a substantial amount of that value with depreciate by trade-in time. You’ll lose approximately 11% as soon as you drive it off the lot. And by the time you’ve finished paying everything off? Well, by then, it’ll be worth around 40% of its original value.

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Visit Mile High Honda Today!

So, we’ve laid everything out for you. The differences between these two options should be completely obvious now. Choosing the right one will depend entirely on your Denver, Aurora, and Centennial driving needs.

Our team at Mile High Honda is more than happy to answer any more questions you might have about buying new vs. used. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to provide you with all the answers.

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