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What You Need to Know About the Most Common Transmission Problems

Your transmission is a complex system that works very hard to provide you with a smooth and efficient ride. Like most components under your hood, over time it takes on some wear and tear, which is why you get it assessed whenever you schedule regular service checks. However, how do you know if something is wrong in between maintenance appointments?

To help drivers in the Centennial, Aurora, and Denver areas, Mile High Honda has created this guide on the most common transmission problems. Below, you’ll discover all the warning signs to watch for and what do to after you find there is a possible problem.

Common Transmission Issues in Your Car

transmission problemsLack of Response in Shifting – Are you noticing a delay when you’re trying to switch gears? If so, something could be wrong with your transmission. This is probably caused by a problem with your clutch and should be looked at by an authorized service technician as soon as possible. If not taken care of, it could affect the way you drive considerably.

Your Vehicle Is Vibrating – When something is malfunctioning with your clutch, it can also cause your car to shake when changing gears. When your transmission is working right, your car will run smoothly, so this is a sign that your transmission is telling you to get it checked out.

Clunking Sounds from Under the Hood – If you’re hearing noises coming from your vehicle that are not normal, like humming or clunking, your transmission might be at fault. To find out where this sound is coming from, schedule an appointment with your authorized service center.

Leaking Transmission Fluid – This type of fluid is vital in how your transmission works. It cleans, seals, and lubricates, so when there is little or none present, it can cause serious issues. You can easily tell there’s a leak if you see bright red fluid under your car. As the most common problem for a faulty transmission, it’s important you get your vehicle into the shop immediately.

transmission problemsSlipping Out of Gear – When your car is switching gears randomly or going into neutral when you don’t want it to, it’s time to get into an authorized dealer right away. This could be caused by a broken link that holds your gears in place. If it’s worn or missing, your vehicle will shift sporadically, which is unsafe for you and drivers near you on the road.

Burning Smell – It’s never a great sign when you smell something burning in your cabin. A possible reason you could be sniffing this aroma is your transmission. If your fluid is too low or dirty, this component can overheat. As this can cause serious damage and possibly result in the need to buy a new transmission, make sure to get it looked at as soon as possible.

Fix Your Transmission Problems at Mile High Honda

If you’re experiencing one of these most common transmission issues, have our professionals take a look at it for you. It’s always better safe than sorry, especially when not having your transmission fixed might lead to expensive repairs down the line.

To make an appointment in the Centennial, Aurora, or Denver area, give us a call today. You can also use our online schedule tool. See you soon!


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