Honda Trim Level Comparisons

Honda vehicles are known for being family-friendly, incredibly safe, and equipped with the latest and greatest technology features and for their high-quality manufacturing. They’re also known for giving you lots of options to choose from, including a variety of models and trim levels to boot.

Each vehicle in the Honda lineup offers several trim options, but deciding which one is the best for you can be a fun and exciting challenge.

Honda Accord Trim Levels

Honda CR-V Trim Levels
Honda Civic Trim Levels
Honda HR-V Trim Levels
Honda Pilot Trim Levels
Honda Odyssey Trim Levels

Choosing a Trim Level

Choosing the right Honda trim level means taking the time to look through all of the features the vehicle offers. The base trims of the Honda lineup offer efficiency, powerful engines, a full suite of safety features, and an advanced infotainment system for you to enjoy. However, if you’re not on a super tight budget and you’d like to enjoy your Honda vehicle a bit more, you might consider upgrading to one of the higher trim levels.

When you choose to upgrade your Honda, you’ll see that there’s a whole world of options for you to choose from. For example, the 2016 Honda Accord Coupe comes standard with a 185-horsepower 2.4-liter engine with a six-speed manual transmission. That’s the LX-S Coupe.

But the EX-L V6 trim of the 2016 Accord Coupe comes with the 252-horsepower V6 engine with a six-speed manual transmission and optional six-speed automatic transmission with Sport Mode and paddle shifters.

How Will You Choose?

When you’re sitting behind the wheel of your new Honda vehicle, with the paperwork signed and the keys officially yours, what feature will you be most excited about? Will it be the advanced safety features that will keep you and your family safe? Will it be the upgraded infotainment system you decided to splurge on for those early-morning commute jam sessions? Whatever it is, you’ll feel good knowing you got exactly what you wanted.

The team at your local Honda dealer near Denver, Centennial, and Aurora wants to make sure that you get everything you want and need in your Honda vehicle. That’s why we’ve taken the time to compare the Honda trim options available to you in the articles below. Feel free to check them out before diving into our online inventory.

If you want to learn more about a specific vehicle, check out our vehicle reviews and comparisons, then schedule a test drive at Mile High Honda.