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Honda Pilot Dashboard Light Guide

Drivers in the Denver, Aurora, and Centennial area rely upon their cars to get around to work and to play. When a dashboard light pops on, it can be a stressful and frustrating thing, made even more so if you don’t know what it means. Keeping a quick reference around can be helpful so you don’t have to dig through your owner’s manual. Check out this useful Honda Pilot dashboard light guide and keep it handy when the time comes to diagnose a problem and get in to have it repaired.

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Honda Pilot Dashboard Lights

Honda Pilot

An important thing to note when you’re consulting your Honda Pilot Dashboard Light Guide is that when your Check Engine light flashes, you should take your vehicle in to get serviced. There are many different issues that can cause your Check Engine dashboard light to flash. This could be something as simple as a loose fuel cap — or a major engine control issue.

Brake Light

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If you see the word “BRAKE,” it’s an indication of an issue with your braking system or parking brake. It can represent a number of issues, but none should be taken lightly.

Oil Pressure

If you see a picture of an oil can dripping oil, you have an issue with oil leak, burning oil, or for another reason your pressure is down. Check your levels, fill it up, and get to a service station.

Charging System

An image of a battery is an indicator of a problem with your power charging system. Your battery may be bad, your alternator has issues or there’s some problem with your vehicle’s ability charge the battery.

Restraint System

When a picture of a passenger with deployed airbag appears, there’s a problem with the safety restraint systems. It may be with your seatbelts, airbags or other secondary restraint systems.

Smart Entry Indicator

A key with an exclamation point through it and a soundwave going up says your smart entry system — your keyless entry system — is having issues.


The letters “ABS” in a circle and parentheses is telling you about an issue with your antilock brakes.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

An exclamation point inside a horseshoe says your tire pressure is low.

Engine Temperature

A thermometer next to an “H” or a “C” says that your engine is running hot or cold. You should have it checked by a service professional.dashboard light on

Other Lights

Other lights can indicate other issues. These include a vehicle with skid marks indicating a stability system issue, a “DRL” states issues with daytime running lights, an “!” next to a steering wheel hints at a power steering problem. A passenger with buckled seat belt is just reminding you to buckle up.

A car with the trunk or doors open is straightforward, as is gas pump indicating low fuel. A windshield with a stream of fluid indicates low wiper fluid. An “i” in a circle announces a system message, and a wrench reminds you that it’s time for maintenance.

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If you need help fixing problems indicated by your Honda Pilot dashboard light guide in the Denver, Aurora, or Centennial area, give the service team at Mile High Honda a call or schedule an appointment online today.


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