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Honda Odyssey Dashboard Light Guide

Let’s face it: no one likes to see a light illuminate on their dashboard when it’s not something you expect. Whether it’s the mysterious Check Engine Light or one of the many strange and arcane symbols that flash at inopportune moments, it can cause immediate panic stress. If you’re wondering what the dashboard lights on your Honda Odyssey mean, we’re here to help. Our service team at Mile High Honda created this Honda Odyssey dashboard light guide for drivers in Denver, Aurora, and Centennial.

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Honda Odyssey Dashboard Lights

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Light Guide

The most important thing to remember when consulting your Honda Odyssey Dashboard Light Guide is that when your pesky Check Engine light (a picture of an engine) flashes, you should consult a service expert to have a code reader put on. This light can indicate any number of problems ranging from something as simple as a loose fuel cap to a major engine control issue.

Honda Odyssey Brake Light

The word “BRAKE” indicates an issue with your parking brake or braking system. Whether it’s low brake line pressure or a sensor issue, this isn’t an issue to ignore. Schedule an appointment to get your brakes checked right away.

Odyssey Oil Pressure

A picture of a dripping oil can indicate that your oil pressure is low. This could mean that you have an oil leak somewhere or you’re burning oil, but you need to first check your oil levels and have your oil refilled. If the light still shows up, bring into your service shop to have it checked out. There could be a deeper issue lingering.

Odyssey Charging System

A picture of a battery indicates that there’s an electrical problem with your power system. Either your battery is bad, your alternator is having problems or there’s some other issue with your vehicle’s ability to stay charged.

Restraint System

If you see a picture of a passenger with a deployed airbag, that means there’s an issue with your safety restraint systems. It could be a problem with your seatbelts, your airbags or any other secondary restraint system.

Smart Entry Indicator

If you see a picture of a key with an exclamation point and a sound wave emitting up from it, that’s your smart entry system indicator. There’s a problem with your keyless entry system that needs to be addressed.


If you see the letters “ABS” inside a circle and parentheses, that’s an indicator of an issue with your anti-lock braking system.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

An exclamation point inside what looks like a horseshoe indicates that your tire pressure is low. Time to fill them back up!

Engine Temperature

If you see a thermometer with an “H” or a “C” next to it, it’s an indicator that your engine is running either hot or cold. It could be a coolant issue, but its best to have it checked by a professional.

Other Dashboard Lights

Other lights include “DRL,” which indicates your running lights are malfunctioning, a vehicle with skid marks indicating your stability system is malfunctioning, a steering wheel with an “!” next to it indicates an issue with power steering. A passenger with a seatbelt on is a reminder to buckle up.Honda Odyssey interior

A car with the doors or trunk open indicates that problem. A gas pump indicates low fuel, and a windshield with fluid indicates your levels are low. An “I” in a circle indicates a system message, and a wrench is a reminder that you’re due for maintenance.

Schedule Honda Odyssey Service at Mile High Honda

If you’re in the Denver, Aurora, or Centennial area and need help with diagnosing a Honda Odyssey dashboard light guide issue, your best option is to consult with your local Honda service team. Schedule a service appointment online today with Mile High Honda.





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