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Honda HR-V Dashboard Light Guide

Honda HR-V Dashboard Light Guide

The Honda HR-V is filled with tons of technologies, but its dashboard symbols continue to be its most important feature. Dashboard symbols help you stay on top of how your vehicle is performing and warn you when it needs service and maintenance. If your HR-V is suffering from a malfunction, these lights will let you know.

To help drivers in Centennial, Aurora, and Denver better understand Honda HR-V dashboard symbols, here are some of the most important lights you need to look out for and what you need to do when they come on.

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Honda HR-V Malfunction Indicator Lamp

If the emissions control system in your HR-V isn’t working properly, you may see what looks like a yellow engine block on the dashboard. This is the Malfunction Indicator Lamp, and it’s usually a steady light. If it blinks, it means there’s a misfire in the engine’s cylinders.

What you should do: If this light comes on or flashes, schedule a service appointment at a trusted Honda dealer like Mile High Honda. Failure to do so can lead to severe engine damage and decreased overall performance.

HR-V Brake System

The brake system warning symbol is red and says BRAKE. This will activate any time there’s a problem with the brake system. It can also come on because there’s not enough brake fluid in your vehicle.

What you should do: The first thing you should do when this light comes on is check the brake fluid. If your HR-V is running low, get it to a service center. If the fluid level is normal, it means there’s an issue with the system, and you need to have your car repaired immediately.

Honda HR-V Low Oil Pressure

This Honda HR-V dashboard symbol that looks like a red leaky oil can is the low oil pressure indicator. When it comes on, it means there’s not enough oil flowing through the engine.

What you should do: As soon as you see this light, pull over and check the oil level. If it’s too low, add more. This should make the light turn off. If it’s still active after you replenish the oil, schedule a repair.

HR-V High & Low Temperature

Two common lights you can see in your HR-V are the high and low temperature indicators. Both look like a thermometer floating in fluid. When it’s red, the engine coolant temperature is too high. When it’s blue, it means the coolant temperature in your Honda HR-V is low.Honda HR-V Dashboard Light Guide

What you should do: If the light is red, drive slowly and pull over as soon as you can to prevent the engine from overheating. Then, call a professional for a repair. If the light is blue, let your vehicle idle until the engine warms up and the symbol disappears.

Maintenance Minder™

When your vehicle needs routine services, you’ll see what looks like a yellow wrench on the dashboard. This is the Maintenance Minder™ symbol. To find out what type of services your Honda HR-V needs, check the Multi-Information Display.

What you should do: If this light pops up during your commutes, contact a trusted Honda service center and schedule an appointment. After the technicians perform all necessary services, they’ll deactivate the light.

Honda HR-V Low Tire Pressure

The dashboard symbol that’s yellow and looks like the side of a tire with an exclamation point in the center is the low tire pressure warning light. It alerts you whenever one of your tires isn’t properly inflated to the correct air pressure.

What you should do: Check the pressure for each tire and fill the one that’s underinflated immediately. To find out the specific air pressure each tire needs, consult your owner’s manual.

Service Your Honda HR-V Today!

The dashboard symbols in your Honda HR-V will help you provide the care it needs when it needs it. That way, you can prevent engine damage and help your HR-V cruise through Centennial, Aurora, and Denver for years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about Honda HR-V dashboard symbols, or if you see an active light, contact Mile High Honda and schedule a service appointment today!


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