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Dashboard Light Guides

Welcome to Mile High Honda’s library of dashboard light guides. On this page, you’ll find a guide that goes over the common warning and indicator lights each Honda is equipped with.

Mile High Honda knows how unnerving it is when an unfamiliar dashboard symbol lights up in your Honda’s instrument panel, especially when you’re driving around Denver, Centennial, or Aurora. Anytime you’re concerned about a Honda dashboard light, find the guide that corresponds with your vehicle, and look up the symbol you have a question about.

Honda Accord Dashboard Lights

Honda Civic Dashboard Lights

Honda CR-V Dashboard Lights

Honda HR-V Dashboard Lights

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Lights

Honda Pilot Dashboard Lights

Why Read Our Dashboard Light Guides?

honda dashboard light guidesWhether you drive a Pilot or a Civic, each vehicle in the Honda family is equipped with a set of dashboard lights. Each symbol communicates important information about the vehicle’s condition and performance to the driver, and understanding why these lights appear helps ensure your vehicle receives the care and attention it needs.

Some Honda dashboard lights appear when nonessential features, like high beams and cruise control, are in use. Other dashboard symbols appear on a Honda’s instrument panel when the vehicle needs maintenance, or to alert you to serious mechanical malfunctions requiring your immediate attention.

While it’s important to understand what each dashboard symbol is indicating, it’s difficult to memorize all of them. That’s where our Honda dashboard light guides come in. We’ve designed these dashboard light guides to help decode and demystify your instrument panel. That way, you’ll be able to differentiate between dashboard symbols that are less serious and ones that are more urgent.

What to Do After Reading Our Dashboard Light Guides

honda dashboard light guidesWhile some of Honda’s dashboard lights are less serious, others appear when there’s an issue with the vehicle’s inner workings that require your immediate attention. If the latter is the case, refer to your owner’s manual to determine the best course of action. You may require help from roadside assistance in some cases, and your owner’s manual will go over everything you need to know to ensure your Honda gets the maintenance it needs.

Mile High Honda is also happy to assist you. If a dashboard light indicates that your Honda needs maintenance, schedule an appointment at our service center.

Read Our Dashboard Light Guides

The Mile High Honda dashboard light guides are handy tools for Honda drivers throughout Denver, Centennial, and Aurora. We hope you find our light guides helpful, and we encourage you to print out a hard copy version to keep in your Honda’s glovebox.

You’ll find each of our dashboard light guides on this page. If you have any questions about a symbol in your Honda’s instrument panel, please contact Mile High Honda.

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