Honda CR-V Cargo Space

One of the best features of any respectable crossover is its cargo space. Crossovers are meant to be the perfect middle ground between the interior space of an SUV and the drivability of a sedan. Most models deliver on that promise, which is why crossovers are growing in popularity in the Denver, Aurora, and Centennial, Colorado, areas faster than any other class of car.

If you're looking for one of the best crossovers in terms of cargo space, the Honda CR-V may be just what you need. Honda designed this crossover from the ground up, with cargo space in mind that's not only spacious but also convenient to utilize. Learn more about the Honda CR-V cargo space below in this article by the team at Mile High Honda and discover if it will work for your needs.

Cargo Capacity by the Numbers

When it comes to cargo capacity, the 2020 CR-V excels beyond the competition. This crossover has a roomy interior that includes 105.9 cubic feet of passenger space with plenty of legroom for passengers in both the front and the back seats. This may have you wondering if the cargo volume is limited without folding down the rear seats. You'll be happy to know you'll have access to 39.2 cubic feet of space even with all the seats upright.

That's the perfect amount of space to pack in luggage before your next trip, plus it allows plenty of room for your big grocery haul-all without sacrificing passenger space. With this configuration, riders in the back seats will still have 39.2 inches of headroom and 40.4 inches of legroom for stretching out. In the front, ample headroom and legroom are provided as well, measuring in at 40.1 inches and 41.3 inches, respectively.

Additionally, if you do decide to fold down the rear seats, your cargo capacity nearly doubles, bringing the grand total to 75.8 cubic feet. With that much available space inside, you'll be able to handle virtually any situation that comes your way. From hauling furniture and adventure gear to supplies for your at-home weekend projects, the Honda CR-V has you covered.

Thanks to the standard 60/40 split fold-flat rear seat, it's easier than ever to customize your interior layout. This row also comes with an easy fold-down technology that nearly any driver or passenger can handle.

The Honda CR-V Smart Tailgate

Cargo space is always nice to have, but the Honda CR-V tailgate makes it easier than ever to take advantage of all that space.

Every 2020 CR-V trim comes standard with powered tailgate locks that let you unlock the doors via your key fob. However, you can also opt for the power tailgate-standard on the EX-L trim-that will open and close the back of your CR-V with the simple push of a button. There's even a height-adjustability feature that allows you to further customize your experience.

If you want to take convenience to the next level, make sure you look into the hands-free access tailgate. With this feature installed, all you have to do to open the cargo door is wave your foot under the rear bumper. This makes loading up your crossover so much easier, especially if you have your hands full. Plus, the kids will love it! You'll find this feature standard on the top-tier Touring trim.

Additional Storage in the 2020 CR-V

Inside every trim level of the Honda CR-V, you'll find additional storage space to accommodate every passenger on board. This includes a center console equipped with beverage holders and a shelf that can be adjusted to fit anything from a tablet to your bag.

Other storage offered in the 2020 CR-V includes door pockets as well as pockets on front seatbacks and beverage holders in the rear. These storage spaces are great for putting small items you need easy access to, ensuring your cabin stays clutter-free and organized.

Are you looking for even more storage solutions? Roof rails are also available, transforming the top of your CR-V. Standard on the Touring trim, they allow you to secure items to the roof of your vehicle, freeing up even more room inside.

Honda CR-V Cargo Accessories

Still, there are even more 2020 Honda CR-V cargo amenities: Drivers have access to a full suite of accessories engineered specifically for extra storage and heightening your cargo area. Take a look at some of the available features you can add to your Honda CR-V:

  • Roof Box: When there's no more room inside the CR-V for your belongings, you'll still have a few more cubic feet of space available if you opt for this roof box. This secures tightly to the top of your vehicle and lets you add extra cargo inside without having to tie it down.
  • Cargo Tray: This accessory not only helps protect the floor in your cargo area, but it also helps keep everything in place. Plus, it looks great as well.
  • Seatback Protector: Whether you're traveling with messy or large items in the cargo area, this addition will ensure your rear seatbacks stay immaculate. Plus, when you fold down the seat, you'll have extra protection as well.
There are even accessories available that make storing cargo easier. With tie-down anchors, retractable covers, implemented area lights-and much more-you can be sure your cargo will remain safe and secure.

Experience the 2020 Honda CR-V Cargo Firsthand

Considering the extensive 2020 Honda CR-V cargo space, it's no wonder this crossover has become so popular in the Centennial, Aurora, and Denver, CO, areas. If you want to give it a try for yourself, look no further than Mile High Honda. Our friendly team members are happy to show off every inch of this vehicle to you. Schedule your test drive today!