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Preview of Honda Civic Type R

Honda has captioned the brand new 2017 Honda Civic Type R as “the quickest, most agile and the most powerful Civic ever made.” The new Honda Civic was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.Honda Civic Type R

Manufactured in England with its design centered on the newly created Civic hatchback, the 2017 Honda Civic is expected to be on sale in Centennial, Aurora, and Denver during the 2017 summer months. Individuals residing in these cities can purchase the car at Mile High Honda. This 2017 preview of the Honda Civic Type R will provide you with all the information you need about this great new car from Honda.

Exterior Features

The new Type R is styled with red detailing and other features that make the vehicle look like a sporty, high-performance racing machine. The front splitter with carbon-patterning helps generate a strong downforce for improved steering control when zooming around tight turns. Front air curtains contribute to consistent braking performance, and front fog lights with underscored black panels are both functional and stylish.

The Honda is also equipped with vented front fenders that help to pull out turbulent air from around the Civic’s tires to reduce drag and create handling predictability—plus, we think they look cool. Vortex generators protruding from above the rear window help to channel air toward the rear wing for superior stability, cornering, and braking, even at high speeds. Three exhaust pipes grace the center of the rear of the vehicle.

Honda Civic Type R Interior Features

The 2017 Honda Civic Type R is equipped with performance-bolstered lightweight bucket front seats, which are styled in black and red suede-effect fabric that looks upscale and luxurious. The Honda is track-ready, with seating equipped with racing harness pass-throughs to hold you in place during spirited driving maneuvers.

The race-inspired sports pedals are fashioned in aluminum and studded with rubber grips to hold onto your foot during quick movements. Carbon-patterned trim, a black and red leather-wrapped steering wheel, and unique instrumentation contribute to a classy cabin feel.

Type R Drivability

The new front suspension’s dual-axis configuration employs several components made with aluminum. This is expected to reduce torque steer as well as improving at-the-limit cornering. A multi-linked suspension takes care of the handling and ride duties at the vehicle’s rear. It also features some exclusive settings in its bushings, springs, and dampers. Drivers have the choice of +R, Sport, and Comfort driving modes to suit the terrain, whether you’re speeding around the track or heading to the office. This helps to adjust the car’s throttle response and transmission rev-matching.Honda Civic Type R Interior

Honda Technology

The Honda Civic Type R comes equipped with a seven-inch touchscreen display, which can be used to play music, connect your smartphone, or navigate to your next destination. Satellite radio is available, so you can access hundreds of channels of music and talk radio.

Take a Drive

Now that you know all about the new Honda Civic Type R, you’re definitely going to want to take one of these speedsters for a drive. As soon as the Type R is available in our showroom a Mile High Honda, we’d love to show you all that this car can handle. Contact us to schedule a test drive today! Soon you’ll be racing around Centennial, Aurora, and Denver in your brand-new 2017 Type R.

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