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Honda Civic Dashboard Light Guide


Interpreting the dashboard symbols in your Honda Civic’s instrument panel can be intimidating. At Mile High Honda, many drivers around Centennial, Denver, and Aurora ask us what the Civic’s warning and indicator lights mean, so we’ve put together a guide explaining its more common dashboard symbols.

Use our Honda Civic dashboard light guide to decode your instrument panel! 

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Honda Civic Warning Lights

Free eBook - Honda Civic Maintenance ScheduleWhen there’s a serious mechanical malfunction, a warning symbol will light up in the Honda Civic’s instrument panel. These require immediate attention and could appear at any time. Whenever you see these symbols, contact the Mile High Honda Service Center for help.

  • Honda Civic Dashboard Light GuideCharge System Light: The Civic’s Charge System Light looks like a red battery. When it appears, turn off any nonessential electrical components and drive to the nearest service station. If there isn’t a service station close by, contact Roadside Assistance. This dashboard light means that the Civic’s battery isn’t charging properly, which could render the vehicle inoperable.
  • Brake System Light: If the word BRAKE shines red in your Civic’s instrument cluster, you could be facing two scenarios. Each require your immediate attention. First, the Civic’s brake fluid could be low. Second, your brake system could be malfunctioning. Strong brakes are a crucial safety feature on every vehicle. If they aren’t working properly, your Civic could be unsafe to drive. Pull over, turn off the car, and contact Roadside Assistance immediately.
  • Low Oil Pressure Light: A symbol shaped like an old-fashioned oil can will shine red if the Civic’s oil pressure drops below the recommended level. Whenever this symbol lights up, pull over and stop the car immediately. Your engine could be overheating. Refill the Civic’s oil or call for help.

Civic Indicator Lights

Honda Civic Dashboard Light GuideThe following symbols are Honda Civic indicator lights. While they’re less serious than the warning lights listed above, they still require your attention.

  • Maintenance Minder™: The Civic’s Maintenance Minder™ symbol appears when it’s due for service. Anytime you see a wrench in the Civic’s instrument panel, schedule a service appointment with Mile High Honda.
  • Washer Fluid Level: If your Civic is low on windshield washer fluid, a yellow symbol that looks like a windshield with two dashed lines will light up. Visit a certified Honda dealership to refill the Civic’s washer fluid reservoir.
  • Low Fuel Light: A yellow gas pump symbol will shine in the Honda Civic’s instrument panel when it needs to be refueled.

Turn to Your Honda Service Center for Help

Now that you’ve finished reading our dashboard light guide for the Honda Civic, you should have an idea of what its warning and indicator symbols are trying to communicate. Of course, Mile High Honda is here to answer any questions you still have about the Civic’s dashboard lights. We can also assist you with maintenance if that’s what your Civic needs to clear its dashboard.

If you’re concerned about a dashboard warning light, schedule a service appointment at Mile High Honda now. Mile High Honda proudly serves Honda Civic drivers across Denver, Centennial, Aurora, and beyond.

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