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Honda Accord Dashboard Light Guide

Nothing sends drivers into a tizzy like having a dashboard symbol light up in their Honda Accord’s instrument panel. Trying to decode your dashboard while driving around Centennial, Denver, and Aurora can send stress levels through the roof, but Mile High Honda is here to help you understand what your Accord is trying to tell you.

Check out our Honda Accord dashboard light guide to learn what some of its common indicator symbols are.

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Honda Accord Indicator Lights

  • Honda Accord Dashboard Light GuideLow Tire Pressure indicator: Keeping your Accord’s tires at the correct pressure can help you get the most out of your vehicle’s performance, but it’s inevitable that the Honda Accord will need its tires refilled eventually. Its Tire Pressure Monitoring System senses the air pressure in each of the Accord’s tires and shines an orange exclamation point in the instrument panel when they need to be re-inflated.
  • Maintenance Minder™ indicator symbol: One of the Accord’s most unique indicator lights is its Maintenance Minder™ symbol, which looks like an orange wrench. Whenever your Honda Accord is due for service, the Maintenance Minder™ will appear as a reminder.
  • Lane Departure Warning light: The Accord’s Lane Departure Warning light blinks when you drift outside of your lane without signaling. This orange light looks like the letters LDW, and will only blink if it’s activated.
  • Low Fuel light: When the Honda Accord needs gas, an orange low fuel light, shaped like a gas pump, will appear in its instrument cluster.

Honda Accord Warning Lights

  • Honda Accord Dashboard Light GuideElectric Power Steering: The Honda Accord’s Electric Power Steering delivers precise handling and excellent control. If you see a symbol shaped like a steering wheel with an exclamation point in your dashboard, it means Electric Power Steering isn’t working correctly. Schedule a service appointment with Mile High Honda immediately.
  • Charge Warning light: The Honda Accord’s Charge Warning light is shaped like a battery and shines red on your dashboard. If it appears, the vehicle’s battery isn’t charging correctly. Turn off all nonessential electrical components, and get your Accord serviced immediately.
  • Check Engine light: If the Accord’s Check Engine light is flashing, pull over to a safe location immediately. Its engine could be misfiring, which could lead to serious damage to your catalytic converter. Schedule a service appointment with a Honda-certified technician as soon as the Accord’s Check Engine light flashes.
  • Low Oil Pressure light: If you see an oil can symbol shining red in your instrument panel, stop driving and turn off the Accord’s engine. Your engine could sustain serious damage if it loses oil pressure. Call Roadside Assistance for help.

When in Doubt, Mile High Honda Is Here to Help

Now that you’ve read our Honda Accord dashboard light guide, you should have a better grasp on what your car is trying to tell you. But anytime you’re concerned about a symbol in your instrument panel, the knowledgeable, helpful technicians at Mile High Honda are here to assist you.

Drivers across Denver, Centennial, and Aurora can turn to us whenever a dashboard light indicates they need maintenance. If you’re worried about a dashboard light, schedule a service appointment at Mile High Honda.

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