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Embrace German Beer Traditions with Colorado’s Own Halfpenny Brewing Company!

If you’re wondering how to make friends in Germany, you need only learn how to toast. One of our favorites just happens to be the ever-encouraging: “Lasst euch nicht lumpen, hoch mit dem humpen!” (Don’t be a slouch, raise your glass!)

You might not be able to make it to Germany anytime soon, but their fervent dedication to all things beer is alive and well at Halfpenny Brewing Company.

Be prepared to raise your glass and make a toast. Bavarian brews are on tap every day at Halfpenny!

Halfpenny: A Homegrown Approach to Brewing

Ahh, the evolution of 5-gallon-bucket homebrewer to top-notch brewery owner. It’s truly a tale as old as time, and a tale that lies at the heart of Halfpenny Brewing Company!

Owners Chris Reigrut and Chris Garner both have brewing in their DNA. For Reigrut, who grew up in Bavaria, Germany, the cultural tradition of making and drinking beer was integral to the palate. When he began brewing with Garner in 1996, that tradition was a lynchpin of their style.

While their setup and space have changed drastically, the tradition never has. To this day, Reigrut and Garner still brew German-style beers with a focus on friends, family, and good times.

Is this Centennial or Bavaria?

It’s not just the Halfpenny beers that smack of German influence. The space itself is modeled after the traditional drinkeries of Reigrut’s childhood home. Family and friends (including the kids) are all welcome to enjoy the atmosphere of Halfpenny. Come sit, drink, and converse in:

  • The Beer Hall
  • The Taproom
  • The Snug
  • The Backyard Biergarten

Games, books, and magazines are all available for sharing at Halfpenny, so even the kids and non-drinkers can find something to stay occupied!

Flagship & Rotating Beer Selections

With six flagship beers and a wide selection of rotating additions, there’s a Halfpenny beer for just about every taste.

One of our favorite standards is Melanie’s Helles, a traditional Münchener Helles with German hops. It’s the perfect balance of hoppy bitterness and refreshing malt character!

As for rotating options, you’d be lucky to sip on the award-winning Finsternis Schwarzbier. Though its body may be bright, the dark roasted malts impart a robust profile that can convert even light beer drinkers to the dark side.

Stop In for Some Wunderbar Brews!

Are you looking for malty brews in a family-friendly atmosphere? Don’t overlook the exceptional Halfpenny Brewing Company, where the spirit of German beer innovation reigns supreme. So, lift your glass and say “Prost!” (Cheers!)—a stunningly malty lineup of brews awaits!

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