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Take a Trip to the Past with Golden History Museum & Park

No matter where you’re from, it’s always exciting when you learn things about the place you call home. Our history is what shapes our cities into what we know and love today. If you’re local to Golden, CO, get a glimpse into the area’s past with a visit to Golden History Museum & Park.

Through tours and other interactive experiences, you’ll learn more about the people and events that made Golden what it is today. To find out more about Golden History Museum & Park, continue reading!

About Golden History Museum & Park

The mission of Golden History Museum & Park is to inspire a community that lives and loves its history. They do this by engaging with museum visitors and teaching them best practices for preserving Golden’s vast history.

The museum potion of this organization includes a research library, artifact lab, hands-on gallery, multi-use theatre, and ever-changing exhibits. When you travel outside to the park, you’ll find a 3-acre outdoor learning lab filled with reproduction buildings that replicate those that once stood in Golden, CO, in the 1800s.

Collection of Artifacts

Since the mid-20th century, citizens of Jefferson County, Colorado, have been collecting artifacts that represent the area’s history. All of the artifacts from this permanent collection are now kept and documented at the Golden History Museum & Park. Today, they have over 16,000 recorded items in the collection. All these objects are used in the organization’s research, programs, and exhibits.

Some of these items include photographic material that ranges from film print negatives to digital prints and photo albums. These photos include rare images of Colorado’s growth from the mid-19th century all the way to the present.

Other artifacts found at the Golden History Museum & Park include archives, which are made up of historical records in various formats, such as documents, manuscripts, newspapers, maps, and more. One of the earliest maps of Golden, CO, dates back to 1859.

Golden CO Historical Points Walking Tour

One of the best ways to discover the Golden History Museum & Park is through a walking tour. The tour is roughly 1.5 miles and takes around 35 to 50 minutes. There are 16 stops along the tour, all of which will teach you a piece of Golden’s amazing history. This tour is the perfect class field trip or a fun activity for the whole family.

Visit Golden History Museum & Park Today!

Whether you’re a Golden, CO, local or an out-of-town guest, you’ll enjoy learning about the area’s past with a visit to the Golden History Museum & Park!

To learn more about the museum and park, check out their Facebook page.

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