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We Dig It: Please Your Inner Paleontologist at Dinosaur Ridge

No matter how many wonders the future may hold, humans will always have a penchant for looking back. Among the annals of history, it always seems to be the fantastical and extinct that fascinates us the most: Fallen cities, sunken treasures, and of course, dazzling dinosaurs.

Sometimes fearsome, sometimes unbelievably bizarre, dinosaurs run the gamut of our imaginations, from youth through adulthood. If you’re interested in learning more about them, you’re in luck—Dinosaur Ridge is a short drive away, and it’s a true marvel.

Wander Where the Dinos Once Wandered

Looking around at all the fixtures of the modern day—skyscrapers, fast-moving cars, computer-operated everything—it’s hard to imagine a dinosaur once walking these wide-open trails. However, in the Morrison, CO, area, there were far more than you could fathom, and they left behind plenty of proof.

Friends of Dinosaur Ridge was founded in 1989 to preserve the astounding number of fossils in the region. Its trails weave naturally through sandstone walls and clay pits, leading to the actual tracks of 68-million-year-old dinosaurs. The three-toed and four-toed Triceratops prints are enough to wow young and old dinosaur enthusiasts alike.

Excitement Finds a Way

With things long since passed frozen forever in time at Dinosaur Ridge, you’ll get enough of a thrill just hiking the trails. However, there are numerous other avenues of exploration available for all ages.

Let the Kids Dig It Firsthand

We all know little ones like to get dirty, but especially when they’re digging for bones. Dinosaur Ridge offers a Backyard Bones site as well as a Seaway Fossil Box. These simulated digs are made to give kids the chance to walk in a paleontologist’s shoes. They’ll even get to keep one of the fossils they dig up as a keepsake.

Trek Through Time

Those looking for a bit of museum literature to put their outdoor hikes into context can stroll through the Trek Through Time Exhibit Hall. With murals, maps, and numerous fossils, you’ll get to read all about the things you’ve seen.

Are You Ready for a Roaring Good Time?

While we’re still pretty far off from the reanimated dinos we see on the silver screen, a blast from the paleolithic past is much closer than you might have previously guessed. For a day out with the family that’s as fun as it is educational, Dinosaur Ridge is a roaring good choice.

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