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Guide to the Colorado State Fair

Most people think of local fairs as rundown and boring events, but that’s only because they’ve never been to the Colorado State Fair. The Colorado State Fair is one of the most exciting events around. It’ll feature everything from food to live entertainment to rodeo shows, so there’s something for everyone to love.Guide to the Colorado State Fair

The Colorado State Fair opens at 10:00 AM on Friday, August 25, and runs all the way to 11:00 PM on Monday, September 4 (Labor Day) at the State Fairgrounds in Pueblo, CO. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer, and to get you excited for all that’s to come, here’s your ultimate event guide to everything you can expect at the Colorado State Fair.

Tons of Live Entertainment

There’s much to love about the Colorado State Fair, but the top attraction at this event will be the live entertainment schedule. This year’s festival will feature performances from some of the biggest names in music, including Skillet, Hunter Hayes, and Gary Allan. And to help you end the season off on a rockin’ note, ZZ Top will be performing, too.

Of course, live entertainment won’t just include musical shows. Gabriel Iglesias will also be there to tickle your funny bone with a killer comedy routine.

These performances are set to take place all throughout this week-long festival. Here’s a breakdown of the live entertainment schedule at this year’s event.

  • August 25: Gabriel Iglesias
  • August 31: Gary Allan
  • September 1: ZZ Top
  • September 2: Skillet
  • September 3: Hunter Hayes

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Colorado State Fair on Facebook for updates and additions to this year’s live entertainment schedule.

Food & Drinks Galore

If you’re a foodie, wine lover, or beer lover, you need to make plans to check out the Colorado State Fair. Throughout the entire week, you can indulge in all your favorite fair foods and even a few dishes from the area’s top eateries. No matter if you’re looking for a sweet treat, or something a bit healthier, there’s sure to be something here to satisfy your cravings.Guide to the Colorado State Fair

But, you won’t just be able to eat at this festival. If you’re a homebrewer or a winemaker, the Colorado State Fair will feature a few homebrewing and winemaking competitions.

Rodeo, Animals & So Much More!

On top of great food and a killer live entertainment schedule, the Colorado State Fair will return with a boatload of livestock and rodeo attractions. From pig races to horse shows to a full-blown rodeo, it’ll all be here.

And if you want to experience a bit more excitement with the entire family, you’ll definitely want to check out the carnival area of the fairgrounds. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of thrilling carnival rides. There will also be tons of amazing fair foods to make your trip to the festival even better.

Get Your Tickets Today!

The Colorado State Fair is sure to change the way everyone feels about local events. If you don’t believe us, get your tickets online and check it out for yourself when it opens on August 25.

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