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5 Signs You Need Your Brakes Replaced

Brakes may not be the most exciting part of a car, but they can make the difference between a short stop and a serious collision in Denver, Centennial, or Aurora. Regardless of how many miles are on your car, your brakes should be in prime working condition whenever you get behind the wheel. Keep reading […]

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How Often Should I Rotate My Tires?

There are several benefits to rotating your tires, but many drivers in Centennial, Denver, and Aurora don’t know how often they should do it. Tire rotations are a crucial preventative maintenance procedure, so Mile High Honda explains everything you should know about them in the following post. Keep reading to learn about the importance of rotating your […]

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5 Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Schedule Service Motor oil lubricates your engine’s moving parts, removes heat and dirt, and keeps your vehicle running properly. It’s the lifeblood of your engine and must be changed regularly. Skipping an oil change can cause your engine to break down or overheat, which leads to time-consuming — and not to mention expensive — repairs if left […]

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Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

Many drivers in Denver, Centennial, and Aurora think that all motor oil is the same. However, it’s the opposite that holds true. Motor oil is available in a variety of brands, viscosities, and grades, and choosing the right type can make a huge difference in your vehicle’s performance. Typically, motor oil falls into one of […]

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