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Without its battery, your Honda wouldn’t go anywhere. Batteries provide the electric charge needed for a vehicle’s electrical components, and it requires regular maintenance and repairs to work properly.

Battery Repair near MeLuckily, Mile High Honda provides car battery repairs and replacements to keep your Honda running. Your peace of mind comes first at our service center, and we’re committed to diagnosing and fixing any battery problems you’re experiencing.

Here are some signs that your battery needs repairs, and what you can expect when you come in for maintenance.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

3 Signs That You Need Battery Repair

Oftentimes, your Honda won’t start when its battery is failing. However, you may notice the following symptoms beforehand, which indicate that you need maintenance—stat:

  • Your Charge Light Appears. If a battery symbol with plus and minus signs appears on your dashboard, your battery’s charge could be fading. Get to a mechanic immediately to prevent your car from dying.
  • The Battery Works Intermittently. Your battery might work fine one day and be dead the next. There could be a number of issues at play, but only a factory-trained technician at a Honda dealership can figure out the exact cause.
  • Some Electrical Components Don’t Work. Maybe your headlights are dimmer than usual or accessories like the radio, windshield wipers, and power seats function erratically. If so, have a mechanic look at your battery.

What Battery Maintenance Includes

Battery Repair near MeMile High Honda in Denver offers a slew of battery repair services, including replacements if that’s what it takes to save your car. Here’s a few of the maintenance procedures we offer for your battery:

  • Recharge: If your battery is losing charge, stop by Mile High Honda. We’ll make sure that your battery is fully charged and can figure out why it’s losing power.
  • Battery cleaning: A clean battery is a healthy battery, and Mile High Honda will make sure that its terminals are spic and span. We’ll remove any dust, debris, or dirt that’s built up, ensuring that your battery runs the way it’s intended.
  • Check your water level: Every battery has water that should touch the bottom of its refill hole. If it’s low, we’ll refill it right away to maintain an optimal performance.

When to Get Battery Maintenance at Mile High Honda

Today, most batteries last between three and five years before they need to be replaced. We recommend having a mechanic inspect it every few months to ensure that everything is in working order.

When the time comes for battery repairs or a replacement, you can always turn to Mile High Honda in Denver. We’ll give your Honda battery the jolt it needs, and we’re committed to your vehicle’s health throughout its life.

If you’d like to schedule battery service, call our service center. You can also request an appointment with Mile High Honda online, conveniently located at 2777 South Havana Street in Denver, CO.


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