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Rocky Mountain Highs: Best Rock Climbing Gyms near Denver CO

Rock Climbing Gym

Challenge the body and mind. Refresh the soul. Fitness enthusiasts who are looking to learn or sharpen their climbing skills can hone their craft at one of our community’s ultra-cool rock climbing hubs.

The best rock climbing gyms near Denver, CO, offer a mix of fun, education, and exercise. Read our list to find a local hotspot for building your rock climbing skills.

Some of the Best Rock Climbing Gyms near Denver CO

Rock Climbing Gyms near Denver CODenver Climbing Company

The Denver Climbing Company offers complete climbing training. The rock climbing gym offers courses for different levels of expertise. Once you complete these courses, they can prepare you for the real thing.

After you learn from their professionals, you can explore the area with one of their guided climbs. The organization is a plus for people visiting near Denver. Their outdoor sessions allow travelers and locals to get a complete Rocky Mountain climbing experience.

Follow the Denver Climbing Company on Instagram to catch a glimpse of their adventures.

Earth Treks

Earth Treks is a spot that stokes passion about climbing. Their corporate makeup is also rooted in philanthropy that builds the climbing community.

The will to climb high together is an important part of Earth Treks. The company partners with the Boys & Girls Club to make climbing accessible for the community.

Their gyms are also open to other community organizations, allowing for a diverse and inclusive mission. For more information and workout snapshots, you can check out their Instagram page.

Their blog also includes features that can help rock climbers overcome their fear of falling. The site also includes tips on core tension, an important physical attribute for prospective climbers.

The Spot

The Spot offers the total experience needed to create a better rock climber. Two-thirds of the gym’s area is dedicated to climbing walls. To go along with that space, The Spot also offers new climbing tools.

To get your body into shape for the climb of your life, The Spot also has workout equipment to improve overall fitness.

The Spot is staffed by a team of experienced coaches to help guide climbers with different levels of expertise. People looking to drop in can do so during off-peak hours, but the gym recommends making a reservation before stopping in.

You can check out their gym layout and more on Instagram.

Indoor Rock Climbing


Ubergrippen offers a range of possibilities for climbers. The rock climbing gym offers yoga and fitness instructions. There are also classes and summer camp for kids and teens.

Are you looking to be the GOAT? Ubergrippen also offers a Mountain Goats training club for adults. Members can improve their strength and climbing technique with extra workouts and weekly instruction.

To follow the latest developments at Ubergrippen, check out their Instagram page.

Find Your Inner Beast at Some of the Best Rock Climbing Gyms near Denver CO

The Rocky Mountains are a cool and colossal challenge for anyone looking to stretch out and get some exercise.

We hope this guide for some of the best rock climbing gyms near Denver, Colorado, helps you scale the mountainous challenges that surround our area.

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