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Best Mexican Restaurants near Aurora, CO

Best Mexican Restaurants near Aurora, COFrom traditional tacos and carne asada to new twists on old favorites made with the freshest ingredients, Aurorans love their authentic Mexican dishes.

But with so many spots offering tasty Mexican cuisine, picking a dinner destination can be as tough as deciding what to get on the menu. Check out our guide to the best Mexican restaurants in Aurora and prepare to conquer the tallest mountains of flavor this side of the Rockies!

Best Family-Friendly Mexican: Senor Ric’s

13200 East Mississippi Avenue

Senor Ric’s is a casual spot perfect for a night out with the whole family, offering options ranging from delicious grilled fajitas, chimichangas, and fresh seafood menu items to unique specials such as green chiles filled with spicy jalapeno cheese and fried to a golden crunch. Senor Ric’s also offers a kids’ menu and family-friendly specials, including Mexican-inspired soups and salads, and a gluten-free selection of dishes too.

Best Aurora Lunch Spot for Mexican: Guadalajara

1001 South Abilene Street

Guadalajara is a great lunch break spot serving up tasty combo meals and lunch specials that offer hefty portions at reasonable prices. Their signature dish is a delicious stir-fry medley made from your choice of chicken or prawns and tossed with a healthy heap of a fresh veggies served on Mexican rice with spicy melted cheese. With quick to-go service, Guadalajara makes it easy to take your Mexican lunch or dinner for an outside picnic or midday work break.

Best Dinner Date Night Authentic Mexican: La Cueva

9742 East Colfax Avenue

If you’re a tequila fan, you’ve got to try La Cueva. It’s a Mexican restaurant and one of Colorado’s original tequila bars offering affordable-yet-mouth-watering homemade Mexican fare and a complete menu of specialty margaritas. You can even choose from the bar’s 120 tequila types for a personalized concoction!

Recipes passed down through generations pair well with a vibrant indoor dining color scheme, almost as colorful and tasty as the homemade dishes that bring the contrast, richness, and delicate flavors of Guanajuato, Mexico, to Aurora.

If tequila’s not your thing, pick your favorite brew to complement your authentic Mexican meal from a selection of bottled and draft beer as well as a featured wine list.

Best All-Day Mexican Breakfast: Lupita’s Restaurant

11809 East Colfax Avenue

Family-owned Lupita’s Restaurant opens at 6 am and offers Mexican and American breakfast till closing in addition to traditional lunch and dinner options. From delicious cheese-smothered burritos to traditional Mexican omelets, fish, chicken, and steak dishes served up from mild to fiery in heat, there’s something for everyone at Lupita’s. Enjoy live music entertainment Friday nights to accompany delightful homemade Mexican dishes and good company.

Aurora, CO, has its own way of doing authentic Mexican. Go with one of these gems in the neighborhood for the real deal because you won’t be disappointed!

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