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The Best Haunted Attractions near Aurora CO to Get You Excited for the Halloween Season

Fall isn’t just about pumpkin spice everything. For those who want to experience a bit of thrills and excitement, the season is all about haunted attractions. So, if you want to embrace the creepier and scarier side of autumn, here are a few of the best haunted attractions near Aurora, CO.Best Haunted Attractions near Aurora CO

13th Floor Haunted House

We all know that having a 13th floor brings a bit of bad luck to any building. But have you ever wondered just how scary and unlucky this floor really is? If so, head over to the 13th Floor Haunted House in Denver for one of the most frightening haunted attractions you’ll ever experience.

Filled with all your darkest fears, the 13th Floor features three chilling haunted attractions that are filled with all the scariest things you can imagine…

  • Darkest Dreams: Enter a dream world of terror where you’ll encounter creatures of your worst nightmares.
  • Slaughter: Walk through the eerie town of Coalfell and get a glimpse at some of the shape-shifting creatures inhabiting it. But watch out for the evil clowns.
  • Undead: Restless Spirits: In a decaying mansion, you’ll come face to face with a number of evil spirts dead set on harming anyone who disturbs the gruesome final resting place of the family who once lived there.

For more details and ticket information, connect with 13th Floor Haunted House on Facebook.

City of the Dead Haunted House

A zombie apocalypse is something that we’ve seen in movies and TV shows. But at the City of the Dead Haunted House, you’ll be able to experience exactly what the world would be like if the undead outnumbered the living, and it’ll be absolutely horrifying.

At this haunted house, you’ll find three top-rated attractions that’ll leave you screaBest Haunted Attractions near Aurora COming in fright…

  • City of the Dead Haunted House: As a haunted maze filled with the undead, you only have one mission: Avoid the hungry zombie residents at all cost.
  • The Carnival of Carnage: With twisted carnival-style games, a Zombie Red Rum Bar, and scare zones, it’s a fun time for everyone. You’ll also have a chance to get a few zombie photo ops. Just be wary… The undead bite.
  • Curse of Darkness Haunted House: Zombies aren’t the only beings of undead here. In this attraction, you’ll find vampires, too, and they’re quite thirsty.

To learn more about each attraction and how you can get your tickets, check out City of the Dead Haunted House on Facebook.

Haunted Field of Screams

Fall is the perfect time to head into a corn maze with your pals. But if the typical maze isn’t quite terrifying enough for you, head over to Haunted Field of Screams. Here, you’ll find a horrifying maze, plus two other attractions that’ll be sure to add some fright into the season.

Here are the attractions you can find at Haunted Field of Screams…

  • Haunted Field of Screams: With 16-foot corn stalks, this maze is creepy, to say the least. And the worst part? You never know what sort of creatures and characters you’d find with each turn.
  • Dead Man’s Night Maze: In the dark of night, the only thing guiding you through this maze will be the light of the moon and your wit. But the biggest thing you need to be worried about is the flesh-eating zombies lurking around every corner.
  • Zombie Paintball Massacre: In this attraction, you’ll need to get to a zombie patrol outpost for survivors. The catch is you’ll need to go through an abandoned farm riddled with the undead to get there. But don’t worry, you’ll have a high-powered paintball gun to help fight them off.

Connect with Haunted Field of Screams on Facebook for more information and how you can experience each attraction for yourself. 

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