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Healthy, Tasty, & Fun: The Best Acai Bowls near Denver CO


Best Acai Bowls near Denver CO

Acai bowls are all the rage right now. They’re jampacked with tons of tasty treats that are also super good for you, making them the perfect breakfast, snack, or even dessert. What’s in them, you ask? That question has various answers, and here to give them to you are a few places that serve some of the best acai bowls near Denver.

We tracked down our favorite dishes, so you can indulge without guilt whenever you want. Grab a spoon, and get ready to feel satisfied at these fine establishments!

Berriegood Co.

Berriegood Co. is dedicated to providing dishes that serve the best ingredients around. Their healthy eats taste like yummy treats, and best of all, they cater to gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and kid-friendly diets. Their wide range of superfruit acai bowls are delicious, all containing organic ingredients. For instance, their original option adds banana, strawberry, soy milk, hemp seed granola, and honey for a sweet, healthy munchie.

They take things to the next level with their PB Bowl, which includes peanut butter, almond milk, and cacao nibs. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, try their Revive Bowl—this ideal after-workout snack is full of tropical fruits and other nutrient-heavy ingredients that will make you feel great. Try one today!




Prosper Oats

Acai Bowls in Denver CO You can find some seriously wholesome food at Prosper Oats, which is sure to change the way you eat breakfast and healthy snacks. Their ingredients aren’t only good for you—they’re good for the world, too. You have the option to create your own custom bowl, or you can choose one of their delightful suggestions.

When you choose an acai base for your custom bowl, you’ll get that superfruit and so much more. Next, you’ll pick your sweetener from a list that includes agave, fruit honey, maple syrup, and brown sugar. Finally, choose your ingredients, including fresh and dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and protein powder.

Simply can’t choose? Try their Brazilian combination, which mixes honey, strawberries, banana, and granola, or their decadent peach cobbler, which comes with peaches, brown sugar, whipped cream, and granola. Simply delicious!




Get Your Acai On

Now that you know where to find the best acai bowls near Denver, you’re ready to enjoy a yummy dish that’s good for you, too. Enjoy!


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