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Become a Super Sleuth at The Clue Room

Do you love a good mystery? Perhaps you like to fancy yourself something of a modern-day Sherlock Holmes? If that’s the case, then your typical night out needs to have a bit of intrigue—something to tease your brain and test your detective skills. The mystery and puzzle lovers among us will feel right at home […]

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Teamwork in Action: Special Olympics Colorado

Athletics are about so much more than competition. They’re about feeling like a part of something bigger than yourself—a team of individuals working together to better their bodies and minds. Through sports, you can achieve fitness, fun, and even a sense of community. Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organization for children and adults […]

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Local Spotlight: Four Mile Historic Park

Located in Denver, the city’s oldest house stands strong as an interactive museum filled rich with history. Four Mile Historic Park aims to educate the local community of Denver’s western heritage through educational experiences and tours. Through exhibits, demonstrations, and specialized programs, Four Mile Historic Park is a premier destination for both residents and tourists […]

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Local Spotlight: The Great American Beer Festival

Each year, craft beer enthusiasts from all over flock to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival. This massive festival has table after table of delicious craft beer from breweries of all sizes across the 50 states. More than just your typical beer festival, there’s plenty to do along with sampling the various beers that […]

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Support Local Artists at CU Presents

Art is communication. It connects us and helps us unite in a way that simple conversation sometimes cannot. It also needs our continued support to work. The University of Colorado Boulder campus has long been a hub of the performing arts in the region. If you’re looking to meet and support new artists across the […]

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Patterson Historic Inn

Whether you’re visiting the Denver area or just looking to spend a relaxing weekend in the city, you’ll have a wonderful stay in one of the suites at the Patterson Historic Inn. You may have a lot planned that you want to see and do in Denver, but it’s also fine if you end up […]

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Take to the Streets During Union Station Buskerfest

In its 143 years, Colorado has become renowned across the country for its lively culture and colorful artistic endeavors. While a big part of this is, of course, the art exhibited in galleries and performances held on stages, Colorado’s street performers are equally integral. Union Station Buskerfest is an annual showcase of the street performers […]

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Get Cultured at the Denver International Festival

Many say that Denver, CO, has a culture that’s entirely its own. However, this culture is really just a stunning amalgam of all the worldwide traditions that converge here. If you’re looking to dip into the Mile High City’s melting pot, you need only pay a visit to the Denver International Festival on August 3rd! […]

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We Dig It: Please Your Inner Paleontologist at Dinosaur Ridge

No matter how many wonders the future may hold, humans will always have a penchant for looking back. Among the annals of history, it always seems to be the fantastical and extinct that fascinates us the most: Fallen cities, sunken treasures, and of course, dazzling dinosaurs. Sometimes fearsome, sometimes unbelievably bizarre, dinosaurs run the gamut […]

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